Where there is vision there is opportunity


Our vision is to help create the conditions for growth in the creative and cultural, tourism and leisure economies, removing barriers to innovation and levelling the playing field… We know that this infrastructure is an essential building block for economic growth, and that the internet is a powerful democratic force in holding government to account at every level. We know that we may need to break down the digital divide by supporting rural communities.

We want there to be truly local TV.

We will play our part in building the Big Society. We want everyone to be able to play sport and enjoy their local and our national culture.

Passion for the arts and sport is instilled at a young age –which is why we want to give all children the opportunity to learn to play sport and play a musical instrument. We want to encourage a culture of giving, so that more of us have a greater connection with the things we care about.

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.
November 2010


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