“The only permanent rule in Calvinball is that you can’t play the same way twice!”


Week 3.

This week we began by talking some more about empathy. We touched on how misunderstanding somebody’s true needs and motivations might lead to a badly prescribed solution using the case of the ‘dancing girl’ as an example.

A clear underlying message that again came through from Corrine this week was the importance of having fun. We should not just sit at desks speculating; we should get up an “do”. By actively ‘doing’ we can rapidly test a range of alternative ideas and new approaches – and it’s a lot more fun!

Having had a marathon of lectures from 9am last Friday to 6pm on Sunday last night, and then back to work today with caffeine as my Ritalin, I have to remember the importance of having fun and the needs of those around me.

This little cartoon below sums everything up for me pretty well. I love Calvin and Hobbes and this moves me deeply on many different levels.

Courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele

If this makes you too sad, there is a happy ending: Snap out of it!

Many more upbeat Calvin and Hobbes cartoons can be found here: Calvin & Hobbes


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