So is this really the future of books?


Okay, Nelson looks pretty cool. Coupland would be good for universities. Alice could find a niche market, though surely good fiction has always been immersive?


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  1. I think Nelson would be a good resource for students, especially because it provides the ability to check up on resources. I also like the looks of Coupland for business or higher education.

    Alice, however, does not appeal to me at all. I think you are right that it would have to find a niche, because good literature does not need all of the excessive frills.

    I am really glad you posted this link! It was a very interesting way to envision some of the possible changes we might see in publishing over the next few years.

  2. I originally posted this link because of my interest in the future of publishing.

    I have now learned that IDEO, the company behind these concepts, are leaders in the field of Design Thinking!

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